Are Tiles or Lava Rocks Better For Your Spa Walls?

Qualities You Should Watch Out For Before Choosing a Material For Your Spa Walls

You know the saying that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. This is why you have to ensure that your spa walls are made of the best materials suitable to give the users the right comfort and pleasure they need.

An improved, sophisticated, and safe spa will not only help people to maintain a healthy living, it will also help them to have fun at its peak. You have more benefits to get if you are using your spa for commercial purposes. With the right and best materials for your spa walls, you will attract a lot of people to use your space which will increase your gain considerably.

Often, there are several arguments about which is better for spa walls between tiles and lava rocks. Saying tiles are better for spa walls than lava rocks cannot be the right answer. This is because each of these materials has certain qualities that make them suitable for spa walls. Hence, having a good understanding of these qualities will help you choose the right one for your spa walls to complement your swimming pool.

Why Tiles Are Suitable For Spa Walls

Tiles are increasingly in use now, especially for walls and floors. However, the type of tiles you choose to use determines the beauty and comfort you will get. There are several types of tiles, and each type has certain qualities that come with it. Below are some reasons why you should consider using tiles for your spa walls.

Durability: Tiles are known to be highly durable; that is, they can last for a relatively long time without losing their beauty or get worn out. Some tiles can last for as long as two decades.

Tolerance: Tiles are known to have the ability to tolerate or withstand high temperature caused by extreme sunshine. They can as well withstand continuous temperature changes.

Ability To Be Wiped or Cleaned: Tiles have this ability when dirty due to sweat, body oil, sunscreen; their non-porous and smooth surfaces make it easier for you to clean and wipe them.

Why Lava Rocks Are Suitable For Spa Walls

Over the years, lava rocks have offered a good alternative to tiles for walls and floors. This is because of certain qualities that are often attributed to them. Some of these qualities include:

Natural Elements: This is often why many people choose to use lava rocks for their spa walls. These materials are natural, and for that reason, they make one closer to nature.

Character And Charm: You talk about something attractive and appealing; you should be considering using lava rocks for your spa walls. They are pleasant to behold and satisfy your urge.

Durability: Like tiles, lava rocks are also known to be highly durable. They can last for an extensive number of years. However, you must ensure that the walls are well taken care of during the period.

Now that you are well acquainted with the qualities attributed to each of these materials, it is left to you to decide which one to use for your spa walls. A combination of the two is also possible if you have the right and proficient hands to help you.


Choosing the right material for your spa walls is as vital as giving your users the comfort and fun they desire. The qualities of these materials stated above will help you in making the right choice.

Are Mosaic Tiles a Good Purchase?

Making A Tile Decision

If you plan on remodeling or building a home, there’s no doubt that you would come across different tiles for both wall and flooring options. It’s good to always have options, but the problem is that you have not used many of these tiles before, and you are not quite sure if purchasing them for your remodeling work would be good.
With regards to mosaic times, there’s little doubt that you would have come across them, but the problem is that you don’t know if they would be a good purchase. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. In this post, you will see the pros and cons of mosaic tiles, and after considering them, you would be able to make up your mind about purchasing them or not.

Pros And Cons Of Mosaic Tiles

Most times, before you can make up your mind on whether something is a good purchase, you have to consider its pros and cons and which one outweighs the other. This way, you will be able to see what you will gain or lose. Below, you will find the pros and cons of mosaic tiles.

Pros of Mosaic Tiles

There are some advantages associated with the use of mosaic tiles. They include;
Elegant Design: One thing you can’t take away from mosaic tiles is the elegance and aesthetics they add to your walls and floor. If you have an eye for beautiful and pleasant interior surroundings, you won’t be making a mistake purchasing mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles offer great elegance with their styles and pattern. You can choose from the varieties in the stores to give your interior the desired facelift.
Ease Of Cleaning: With mosaic tiles, you don’t have to take off when it comes to cleaning day because they are easy to clean. These tiles are stain-resistant, and even if there is a stain on it, it has a reflective texture that will make you spot it on time. This way, you always wipe out the stain with a napkin.
Durability: Rest assured that with mosaic tiles, you will get a good durability option. Once the mosaic tiles you bought have passed standard requirements, you don’t have to fear that they will crack even when used for flooring.

Cons of Mosaic Tiles

There are some disadvantages to using mosaic tiles. Some of them are;
High Cost: Because mosaic tiles are great for use, they don’t come off as affordable. Mosaic tiles of repeated patterns can cost about $100 per square foot. Some affordable ones can be about $30 but are not as appealing as they should be.
Installation Difficulty: Mosaic tiles are not the type you can install yourself if you have no prior experience. If you want to hire a professional, this would be more expensive. But the consolation you have is that you will get a better installation.
Breakage: Mosaic tiles are indeed durable, but this does not mean that they can’t break. Where they come in contact with the direct impact of a heavy object, you may expect nothing other than breakage.


By now, you should make up your mind on whether or not mosaic tiles are a good purchase. You can compare the pros and cons in line with the remodeling you have in mind, your budget, and imminent maintenance cost. This will give you a clear understanding of whether your investment in mosaic tiles’ purchase would be worth it in the end.

Best Tiles For Your Kitchen Remodel

Giving Your Kitchen a Facelift

In a home, one of the most visited places for visitors and homeowners is the kitchen. This explains why the kitchen should be kept in good conditions all the time.
Keeping the kitchen in good conditions goes beyond just cleaning; often, it requires remodelling. This will, no doubt, give your kitchen a facelift and the aesthetics it deserves.
In remodelling your kitchen, however, one thing you can’t do without is using tiles both for the walls and the floors. Because you want the best for your kitchen, you must also use the best tiles for kitchen remodelling. But then, how do you know the best tiles? You don’t have to worry about that; this post considers some of the best tiles you can use for your kitchen remodel.

Best Tiles For Your Kitchen Remodel

Some of the best tiles you can use for your kitchen remodel include;

Ceramic Tiles: With ceramic tiles, you have little or nothing to worry about aesthetics and quality. Ceramic tiles are easy to use, and they are budget-friendly. Another good thing is that you can always choose between unglazed and glazed ceramic tiles. Both have different ways of adding aesthetics to your kitchen. To cap it all, you can use ceramic tiles for your kitchen floor and wall. All you have to do is specify what you want to the seller.

Cement Tiles: If you are looking to take your kitchen way back and give it some ancient look, then you can adopt cement tiles for your remodel. The advantage of cement tiles is that they are very versatile, and you can get them in your desired style, design, and pattern. Another thing about these tiles is that if they are discolored, they can be resealed and sanded. However, because they are extremely porous, they require special attention, and they are difficult to lay, but with the right tilers in charge, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Marble Tiles: The only thing about marble tiles is that they are a bit costly, but aside from this, they are what you should go for. Marble tiles are elegant, and by using them, you are adding aesthetics in the best possible ways to your kitchen. They are durable and blends with your kitchen settings in ways that will leave you stunned. However, they are susceptible to easy scratches and require high maintenance. So, except you have factored frequent maintenance of marble tiles in your budget, you can choose from one of those discussed above.


Many things fascinate people in a home, and one of such is the way your kitchen looks. You can make your kitchen look more fascinating by remodeling it with one of the best tiles above. You won’t regret making such a decision.

Best Tiles For Your Pool

Building A Great Pool

In many parts of the world, building a pool is something many people look out for and devote their resources to. The reason for this is probably due to the convenience and luxury a pool has to offer.
In getting the best pools, the tiles for your pool are very crucial. Though there are many tiles out there that you can use, you will not be getting the best of luxury and comfort if you don’t use the best tiles for your pools.
To give you an insight into all of these, the succeeding paragraphs consider some of the best tiles you can use for your pools.

Best Tiles For Your Pool

Using the tiles adds a lot of aesthetics to your pool; now imagine how appealing your pool will look if you use the best tiles out there. Here are some of the best tiles you can use;

Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles: Porcelain & ceramic have always maintained quality standards in the market. This explains why they are preferred by the top pool builders in the country. The tiles offer you a lot of benefits. Ceramic tiles, for instance, can be designed to your taste. They are silked and safe for new swimmers since their edges are smoothened to protect swimmers from scratches. The good thing about these tiles is that they are affordable. Hence, if you want to get some of the best tiles while still maintaining a good budget, you can go for the porcelain & ceramic tiles.

Glass Tiles: With glass tiles, you can be sure to give your pool the luxury it deserves. Glass tiles are made to add aesthetics to your pools. But this is not all; they are durable and eco-friendly since they have been made from recycled glass. What’s more? There are various colors that will match your taste, so you can always make a pick. The only thing is that glass tiles are more expensive. But you are sure to get the value for your money.

Stone Tiles: Stone tiles are another set of tiles that give your pool the elegant look it deserves. If you are looking to create a classical architectural or Mediterranean look with your pool, natural stone tiles are your best bet. The good thing is that these tiles will easily blend with your surrounding, especially if you have a natural setting within your home. However, you may have to seal the stone tiles every few years because of their porosity.


Without a doubt, having a personal or commercial pool sets you up for some kind of comfort in life. This explains why you should do all that is possible to get yourself the best pools by getting and using one of the best pool tiles you have seen above.